Model: (Click to see more) 58507: Leonis
Status: Restored
Date: 19-Sep-2021
Comments: 2
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Finally got this great DB-02 Tamiya Leonis. It feels great to own one of the rarest Tamiya RC cars that were ever made. I will post some pictures in the follwing months.

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Chassis looks like a real performer but I'm to old school to like the cab forward design.



Since I have or had all old shool stuff, I’m starting to get interested in newer stuff from Tamiya.
The DB-01 and DB-02 and TRF501x Chassis are very interesting. After the re re of the Top Force Evo, I wanted something more durable and performant. I was happy about the re re of the Evo, but just race one and you all know what I mean. It has its limits but makes you want more.

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