Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Runner
Date: 30-Sep-2021
Comments: 6
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This has to be one of the coolest machines on earth in 1:1 scale, so had to do an RC version. If you haven't seen this truck in action just search 'King Sling' on YouTube and get ready for some fun, it's an outreageous beast.

Truck is an SMT10 that's basically stock, only modifications are 13' wheelbase 4-link bars, locked rear axle (open front), and Castle SW4 4600kv brushless system. Body, wheels, and tires are all JConcepts. Paint is Tamiya PS17 Metallic Green backed in Spaz Stix Chrome and then black. Truck atually performs really well for what it is. Haven't had it through the mud yet, but does great on jumps and is pretty stable considering the tall/wide tires.

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Very cool! You have an awesome collection of monster trucks!



Another it! I'm working on my first SMT10 and the build has been a ton of fun.



Thanks guys! I'll look out for your SMT JerseyRC, they're a great platform to build from.



Stylish bad ass monster from the master.



You really captured the exact look of King Sling, down to the bottom links... totally awesome!! I have a couple of questions as I am thinking about building my first SMT10 as a mega truck. Do you find the SMT10 axles to be more durable as a mega truck with smaller wheels and tires? Also, does the mega truck flip over more when turning than the monster truck setup? Thanks, I have been going back and forth between mega and monster truck builds.



Thanks epephraz, apprecaite it! I actually find the SMT axles pretty durable all around. I race a lot of trucks with these axles and have never broken one. With Clod-sized tires I do run HD reing & pinion sets, but other than that they are good axles as long as they are used in a 'scale' manner. In racing I run them very hard but obviously jumps are no more than 1-2 feet so not launching them around like an Emaxx or anything.

As far as monster vs Mega, yes, the Mega truck is a lot harder to drive and will tip over often if not careful. It really depends on what you're planning on doing with it. If just bashing around and jumping I'd definitely go with monster truck tires. If running on trails or in the mud a Mega Truck would be the way to go.

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