Model: (Click to see more) 99993: Parts
Status: NIB
Date: 7-Oct-2021
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Well I've been doing some stuff suspension mods were downloaded from thingiverse but the mountaineer/mountain rider style roll and spotlight rail which can house 5mm leds was my own design .the dual wishbone grasshopper design is quite impressive and fairly easy to print hats off to the designer will be printing the lunchbox version soon bruiser suspension mods seem good to oh and there's 8mm wheels spacers for the standard bruiser wheels or in this case hg p407 clone of the bruiser well in conclusion if you can find a design that works or looks good use it only design yourself if you can't find or want to sell the parts you make

3 My 1st roll bar seemed a little thin 4 1st attempt fitted 2 Thingiverse double wish bone setup 1 2nd roll bar and lights with frosted lens 1 1 1 4 8mm wheelspacer

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