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Status: NIB
Date: 8-Oct-2021
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Whilst waiting the 6 months for my Thunder Dragon kit to arrive, I passed the time buying upgrades, add on's and other parts to upgrade it. I spotted the Dash 1 emperor body on the TBG website and decided my thunder dragon would be a little different. The chassis has front CVDs, Xtra speed alloy A5 and shock towers and its fitted with a super stock BZ motor. The wheels are obviously Hot Shot and I've fitted them with Schumacher tyres. It's certainly a weird looking body (so is the TD I guess) with quite a wide windscreen, so I decided to emphasise this and add the head from the Wild Willy figure on the kit body. This seems to work quite well.

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Always good to see some Dash Your love! And the hotshot wheels of course mirror the Mini 4wd edition. Are the decals TBG too? They look good.

I guess you cut the body at the front for a shock tower? Good to have some options for the next upgrade



The decals are MCI. I have the xtra speed alloy front shock tower and planned to fit hi-cap dampers but (almost) unfortunately, it drives really well on the standard CVA shocks.

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