Model: (Click to see more) 44011: Pennzoil NISMO GT-R
Status: New built
Date: 30-Oct-2021
Comments: 5
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My first TGX.

Update 1/19/2022: Found the new Traxxas 4Tec 3.0 Supra wheels and tires fit the TGX. Had to use 4mm hex hub adapters but the rubber clears the body just barely. Alternative tire options for all TGX/TGR owners! For the R33, I had to use two sets of the front tires. The rears on the 4Tec are too wide.

Update 1/1/2022: Finally made time to finish the body over Christmas vacation. It's the first body I have finished where Tamiya instructions state to remove the protective film and apply decals *before* any painting. Being a vintage GT-R body, I was a bit concerned about it. You use the black pen striping as a guide for the interior masking. Then you have to remask the entire car! Pain the arse for sure and of course, I messed up. I hate masking. I had to get creative with some additional decals to hide some black that somehow got behind the layers of paper and tape. The rear quarter panels needed something anyway                               €š ¬Ã… ¡       ¬               ¦too much real estate without any decals. The rear spoiler also has a darker hue to the yellow than what is on the body. Oh well.

Picked this up on eBay recently. I dropped a bid just to get in the mix thinking it would go for much more. I ended up winning the auction.

Only upgrade is the RB Concepts dual chamber tuned pipe and TM-2 manifold. Waiting for my 5-cell receiver pack and then I might go ahead and break in the motor.

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Totally excellent ,



Nice Skyline !

Where did u get the Wheels from ?

Had them on my Try to list for the TGR need to try them out seems



Picked up the wheels and tires from Sports Zone Toys and Hobbies in PA. They are on eBay and they have a website.




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