Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Restored
Date: 6-Nov-2021
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Kyosho Racing Baja Circuit 20 Extra: Differential gear built-in, ultra lightweight with strong chassis, HI-Speed jump and running, excellent maneuverability along a rugged course, perfect mechanical design for off-road race.
The first differential (adjustable with thrust balls) gear for improved handling installed onto a 1/8 scale buggy. Cornering characteristics are remarkably improved. wider wheel tread then existing circuit series. Partial roll cage over driver connected to lexan body for superior styling and weight reduction. light and strong ladder frame made from 7 mm aluminum square bar was chosen from that used on previous Rowdy Baja, key parts such as suspension system, chassis, and gearbox are interchangeable with those of the circuit series. Engine size .19~.21

In 83 Tower Hobbies had a listing for the Circuit 20 Extra Racing Baja (3045) which looked more like a real car then those previous cage type so, I was SOLD! I ordered the kit and assembled as per instruction pictures as the text was in Japanese. The kit arrived in a medium size box and the car was bigger than I had imagined once assembled. I was already aware of the various 1/8 on-road cars I had seen in magazines, however I was looking for the experience of off road racing.

OS Max .20 R/C was the first engine I got for the racing baja with the optional rectangle engine heatsink (Kyosho SD-75) to keep it cool. As I drove the car more and more I was also upgrading as I was learning to setup all things 1/8 buggy, mostly the engine. Next on the list was a set of front (CB-88) shocks that came with a mounting plate that you bolted to the chassis for extra damping. As for the rear (CB-89) shocks, I got two sets, four all together at the back and a total of six for the entire buggy.

As time progressed I continued to drive the buggy up and down the street and various lots with different types of terrain. That's when I started to notice how the car was handling and ordered the Team CRP (1515 or 1526 Kyosho Coil Over) for the front. At this point the RC market was really evolving and now I was able to adjust the front spring tension and or chose from two different springs; Silver (Soft) or Gold (Hard).

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Awsome. My friend had a similar Datsun 240 Z Fairlady at the time. It was lighting fast then!


These old nitro cars are highly desirable and I'd like to see several of them re released (though see it as unlikely).

Thunder Tiger made some nice nitro RC cars as well. They were expensive - the Silver Fox was over $600 in Australia in 1985.

Röthbauer GmbH


Correct, the Circuit 20 series were all quick for the time using any Enya or OS Max .20 size engine. I like the Datusn 240 Z Fairlady but, they are hard to find.

It would be cool if they did a re-release for these older vintage nitro cars, till then I'm doing my best to get my original back out on the various terrains.

I remember the Thunder Tiger from the times, it was similar to Kyosho but, my Racing Baja was just a total blast. I'm really looking forward experiencing that once more. As you mentioned they are not cheap and very hard to find parts for! I had to build my own roll cage and roof panel, till I find my original parts that went missing?



I always loved the way these looked with the motor hanging out at the back. Kyosho had several of these with the same layout.



They look odd but so damn vintage cool at the same time! I would love one just as a display car it would certainly get noticed!

Röthbauer GmbH


Vintage looking they are. When compared to what else was available in 83, for 1:8 off road use I think this was in a class all alone. It was a monster sitting next to my 1:10 Tamiya Brat and such different driving experience. Tamiya was all plastic and light while the Kyosho was all aluminum and heavy.



Looks superb. I am surprised that the heatsink head isn't fitted with the fins inline with the car for airflow? Sadly highly unlikely that most of these old kits will ever be re-released, good to see them being saved.

Röthbauer GmbH


Thanks, it’s taken over 8 months to track down various items I have lost and I’m still missing a few small items. As for the engine I thought it would unbolt and rotate 90 deg to get the fins to line up with the airflow, the bolt pattern does not allow. The engine would be better off in a Landjump or Las Vegas Mint that utilize the side mount vs inline. I will keep an eye on the temps while at the track we built.



Very beautiful example of the Racing Baja. The shocks absorbers really improve the look and performance. Great work ??

Röthbauer GmbH


Thanks, it does have a unique look, somewhat “shocking” and yes the drive is completely different without them. It took a long time to track down replacement shocks as mine were seriously worn out. The rear tires I ordered from your web site as my originals were rock hard, and a HUGE thanks on getting the upper roof roll cage technical specs.

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