Model: (Click to see more) 99983: Associated
Status: Restored
Date: 6-Nov-2021
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This is my Team Associated ProSC 4x4 Short Course Truck that I assembled from two different parts lots purchased in July/August 2021. According to my research on AE's SCT line, it had a short production run from 2014-2015, is one of several slightly different designs they've produced over the last 12-15 years and was only offered RTR so there was no NIB option. I had no intention of ever owning one of these but it fell into my lap by virtue of being included in a huge parts lots that I purchased from FB marketplace for $400.00 USD that I needed for its Traxxas Slash parts since I'm currently refreshing/rebuilding one of those. In the parts lot I found most of this ProSC in dirty, mostly-assembled condition including the original rims/tires, Reedy brushless motor/ESC and body which is in great shape so, of course, I had to complete this restoration. It was missing the factory radio, quite a few screws, the diff, drive shaft and few other miscellaneous parts so I found a smaller parts lot on Ebay for $151.00 USD that had the necessary bits to finish one good truck plus many others I'm keeping as spares. I printed a manual to guide the rebuild and purchased quite a few additional NIP spare parts as well since this truck has been discontinued since 2015. I also added a factory AE XP120 pistol grip radio with their dynamic vehicle control receiver. It went back together easily after a complete tear-down and washing of all parts and screws and seems to be a well-made r/c vehicle. However, I'm not thrilled with some of the engineering and design particularly the open drive shaft/diff that allows dirt and debris to potentially get stuck in the drivetrain which is perhaps why this truck didn't have a long production run (newest version has a completely sealed drivetrain). My original plan before the reassembly was to sell it when finished but after putting so much time and energy into the tear-down/rebuild I'm probably going to keep it and it will remain stock. I just need to find a chassis dust cover that fits and finish reinforcing the underside of the body. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.

2 Original pre-painted/decaled body. Still need to finish trimming drywall tape. 1 2 Reassembly went well. Corroded screws/scuffed chassis parts for running. 1 Reedy powered - R.I.P. Mike Reedy. Preparing for gearbox/suspension reassembly. Initial rear gearbox reassembly. Chassis prior to tear down/cleaning. Initial chassis reassembly. AE XP120 pistol grip radio. New/newest parts kept as spares. More spare chassis/suspension parts.

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I bet that thing goes just about anywhere!!!

Röthbauer GmbH


A modern gem! You need to put in a few laps if possible to understand just how fast and well balanced that ProSC 4x4 was. I just love those mud flaps!!!

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