Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: NIB
Date: 18-Nov-2021
Comments: 6
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Here is my Kyosho Tomahawk runner. I decided I wanted to build a runner for the back garden and general bashing. I love the low stance of the Tomahawk but the open electrics had me a little worried about dirt and detritus building up inside so I decided to try and close off the insides out to the body. I ordered some carbon sheet in 1.5mm and 2.5mm thicknesses. In the end I used 1.5mm for everything. I made templates in plasticard before cutting the carbon which worked out well. The shorty battery is sat on the bottom plate which lowers the Centre of gravity a bit, as is the steering servo. I've used the original top plate really just to mount the driver figure which I am yet to paint. There was a lot of play in the front suspension so that's been shimmed up and it's much better now. I decided to go alternative with the body and just picked a scheme off the internet. This was my first     adventurous            Lexan paint scheme and I learnt a lot during the process. Pleased with the outcome though.

Update: to my horror it seems that I have copied fellow member Chain Driven's paint scheme! If you're reading this apologies as I just searched for vintage paint schemes!!

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Looks great you nailed that paint job! Quality buggy!



That's a beauty. Sometimes there are cars that just don't interest you until someone puts them together so well that you suddenly fall in love with them and decide you need one! This is one of those times!



Thanks for the comments guys, looking forward to running it. May have to get some LED’s in those roof lights….



That looks great! I have one still boxed, that will be getting built soon. I'm also deviating very slightly away from box art. I put a set of LED's on my Turbo Scorpion. Plenty of options out there LED wise for a lot less money than Kyosho want too!



Looks great, technical top!



Looks really good, I like the different color scheme! This buggy is one of those that scream quality from every pore

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