Model: (Click to see more) 58061: Striker
Status: Runner
Date: 19-Nov-2021
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With original parts in short and expensive supply, the decision was made to pursue the dream of a Super Striker.

Much of the development work can be found in the 'Development of the Super Striker' showroom entry, chronicling its various modifications. Some of these include: a double-wishbone suspension conversion using Team CRP and custom 3D-printed parts; new tires and wheels; CVA dampers; a front chassis brace; new wings for the front and rear; a semi-sealed differential with metal dog bone drive shafts; and custom-colour decals.

Accompanying it was a rebuild of a stock Striker, using spare parts accumulated over time. The contrast between the pair is 'striking!'

The result of several months' design and development work - a true rolling experiment - is the subject of this showroom entry.

1 The car today. 1 Its predecessor, from spare parts. An early incarnation. Testing with an Astute rear wing. The first front wing was a rear wing! Now with its own Astute-style rear wing. Pescarolo and Courage; Grastens and Striker... 'Shakey' Roop got some much-needed care! On its debut in the Racing by Post series. A colour change made it stand out more... ... as did new driver E. Grastens! 'Shakey' still drives the original Striker. New number and new decals. Compare and contrast. A visor was another new addition. 'Shakey' still does without a shield. The view overhead. They almost appear as different cars now... Another view of the Super Striker. More to come from these two!

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Development of the Super Striker


Mad Ax


That's awesome - looks like a Pike's Peak special! Top work



Very cool build, you may inspire others to focus on Striker builds due to your creative twist here!



Hmmm, 'Pike's Peak Striker'... I like that! Thanks for the kind words



Interesting coloraturas combination!! Great job!

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