Model: (Click to see more) 47457: Fire Dragon (2020)
Status: NIB
Date: 24-Nov-2021
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The re re of the Fire Dragon found itself short-listed to my purchase list....and got purchased!

I have the Terra....the Tshot....and now the Fire Dragon......3 in the set.

This will be built as part of a Dual Build with taffer in 2022.....he will be building his Thunder Dragon and I will be building this one.

All good fun!

EDIT : The body has been beautifully cut and painted! Top marks Tamiya!

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Iol she sounded fun mate....not! Nice Simon its really growing on me is the Fire Dragon...but dare l say it l actually like the new Saint Dragon, its so damn ugly its actually beautiful if you dig me! Hell l did have a bang on the head the other day so who knows?? Iol

HornetRacer 1971


Haha James.....yes she was a the dark....facing the other way! Yes, when I first saw the Fire Dragon I wasn't that taken by it...but it has really grown on me. The body is really nicely done as well. But like the JU-87 Stuka.....ugly can look 'good' in an odd way! It also depends on how many beers you have had......I once pulled a stunner in the pub but the next morning my



Iol yeah l hear ya!



It is a must have one for sure. Out of many Tamiya Dragons, Fire Dragon is a looker indeed. I will be adding thusq



Dragons everywhere.
Pre-painted is very handy in the winter months!



Looks better with a rear wing ????

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