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Status: NIB
Date: 3-Dec-2021
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This is a truck that I recently built for my dad as a gift. As most of you know I'm a bit obsessed with RC monster trucks and do a fair amount of racing. My dad and I already do plenty of RC stuff together, but he's not too big on the monster truck racing and I know he'd never buy/build a proper race truck so figured I'd do it for him.

This started as a used LMT roller I found through the local ads. Price was good and came with Proline Powerstroke shocks which was a big plus. I went through the truck to make sure everything was good and found it was barely run, if ever. Added an 8th scale Castle 2200kv motor and Sidewinder 8th ESC with the largest pinion that will fit on an LMT (16t Mod 1). Other than than I really didn't have to do much mechanically, just remove the stock cage and adjust the body mounts/link mount positions and play with the shocks a bit.

The wheels & tires are stock LMT that I painted (the stock wheels are pretty awful on these). Body is a Jconcepts 1970 Chevy C10 Crawler body that I cut the wheel wells out of to fit the truck properly. Decals are MCI USA-1 that came out really nice. Body want painted in PS1 white backed in black. Was originally going to go with PS57 Pearl but glad I ended up going with the solid bright white.

Not much else to this one, can't wait to give it to him and get it racing. Last few photos are with my original LMT Bigfoot, nice classic monster truck pair.

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You obsessed with monster surely not! Iol. Well another cracker! I am sure he will be over the moon with this beast!



Man, this looks great! Curious if you printed your own decals for the USA-1 ???



Thanks guys! Decals are from MCI Racing (



Love it! Your trucks are an inspiration and BF and USA-1 together are phenomenal!!



Thanks JerseyRC, really appreciate that. They are definitley cool together, two of the originals in modern form.

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