Model: (Click to see more) 58328: Gravel Hound
Status: New built
Date: 4-Dec-2021
Comments: 6
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Hi guys, here is my Gravel Hound build, completed only yesterday (Dec 3rd 2021)

I do love the DF-02 chassis and this is the 3rd I have built since my return to this wonderful hobby in 2013.

Box art looks better in real life than in any of the photos......a lovely design and fabulous colour!

An occasional runner when the weather is nice - I have plenty to run trust me! I hope you like it

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Fantastic job Simon looks great! Don't see many about these days.

HornetRacer 1971


Cheers James....yes it is a shame they are so rare now. I have an unbuilt NIB which I will keep hold of for sure. ????

Max Power


Very nice, These are handsome buggies.



It looks great, and the DT-02 runs well also.
Only the front damper stay is a weak part, I have changed it on mine to an alloy one.
Regards Peter

HornetRacer 1971


It is a DF-02 hi-pe70!



It looks great even in photos buddy!! Aero Avante also shares this chassis of DF-02. They are very durable and reliable chassis. Well done!!

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