Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: NIB
Date: 22-Dec-2021
Comments: 6
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At my work they do incentive schemes and in return,you can receive gift vouchers. Over the last year i've been converting those vouchers to Amazon vouchers waiting for something RC ish to float my boat. Anyways Ive not really been interested in anything Tamiya have been releasing. And Ive always liked the look of the Kyosho Legendary series, I have owned one Kyosho in the past but I just moved it on and never ran it.
Eventually I had enough vouchers to obtain one but which to get? Ive always been a fan of the 2wd buggy, my showroom will show that. And I think there is something about the Tomahawk so thats the one I went for,I also felt the need to obtain the correct motor as well.Just wouldnt be the same with anything else in. So there you have it,many thanks to my work. Will I build it, not sure - id like to think I will but not straight away.

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Sweet !! , good choice



Great choice mate!! You should build it run it!! Really... Great looking car indeed!!



Happy days work really is tough sometimes but this sweetens the deal nicely!



Excellent choice, this chassis is a really nice build. I built one of my Scorpions (still have my Tomahawk and another Scorpion NIB for a rainy day)



Love the Tomahawk. My next Kyosho build will be that or the Turbo Scorpion. Question, where did you find the Lemans 490? I've been looking for one for my Scorpion. I've been on the Kyosho 'notify me when this is back in stock' list for months.



Many thanks for the comments.. Really appreciate them. Regards the motor I purchased from a seller on eBay.. Its brand new

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