Model: (Click to see more) 58696: Super Avante
Status: New built
Date: 9-Jan-2022
Comments: 5
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So this is my TD4 done. Great build and I think Tamiya has improved their quality with better plastic, hex screws and then I really like them coming out with something new, while still using vintage style boxart. I have only had a short run on the terasse, as weather really isn't for RC'ing here in Denmark at the moment.

I have added hicap dampers and Schumacher wheels on JC wheels, as well as alloy hex's to handle the power from the Castle Sidewinder 3 brushless system. Servo is a Savox brushless servo. Due to the size of the esc, I cannot fit the driver, even though I actually painted it before I found out it wouldn't fit! I had the slipper come in, the day after I almost finished the chassis. So will testdrive it before fitting it.

If every thing goes smooth, this will be my racer, for the coming season, in our small racing group.

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Very nice indeed! I haven't started building my TD4 kit yet as I haven't got the hop up parts for it yet that I've ordered. I do have a set of hi-caps for the VQS but I wasn't sure if they'd fit. Seeing them on your car has answered my question! They look great. I like your wheels too. I'm not sure what wheels I'll be fitting yet, but I doubt it will be the yellow kit wheels. Nice build.



Actually the hicaps are for the rere TopForce.



Be interested to hear how you get on with this on track! Looking nice mate!



Well done mate!! I'm not going to buy this anytime soon as I'm still not facinated with its design and the way it takes the battery. However, I think the boxart is the best way to have on this car...



The change of wheels make a big difference in its looks. It's looking nice in boxart without the mismatched yellow wheels IMO. is the wing in the low or high position?

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