Model: (Click to see more) 58043: The Grasshopper
Status: Restored
Date: 13-Jan-2022
Comments: 7
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I bought this grasshopper about two years ago and it was ripe for restoration. I only bought it because it's a MK1. It's got a few differences to later models. Off Roader instead of just the Tamiya logo moulded into the chassis is the first give away. Black resister plate and no guard, black tie rod ends, early three step with a fuse. The bodyshell is one I've owned since the mid 80s having kept it unused for my then grasshopper which hasn't survived. The body is as I painted it back then which I like. It's the daddy of all R/C cars in my opinion. No other offered simplicity like it with the option to tune it slightly. Fantastic car.

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Still one of my favorites, such an iconic car. Very nice example.



Tamiya GH is a true classic RC of all time. It's simple, durable, beautiful and affordable plus many hours of joy building and driving it!! Your copy looks very good mate!!



Love it. My first RC car and the start of a hobby I still enjoy almost 40 years later! I bought mine in 1984 and it had the MSC with the fuse, the tab on the gearbox and 5843 (and not 58043) on the box, two stars and TAMIYA molded in the chassis and not OFF ROADER. It also came with 'white' ball rod ends. As far as I know it was released in 1984? This makes me believe it was a bigger succes than Tamiya envisioned.



A timeless classic! Affordable simple fun back in the day. You've done a very nice job on the restoration.



Very nice mate can't beat an original! Looks great! l have a rere l have just finished its been a pleasure to work on its so basic but very enjoyable! The Grasshopper is a timeless classic that must be the best selling tamiya of all time! You would have to think so? 1984 to, well its still selling in big numbers! I stick my neck out and say the Grasshopper is the most iconic tamiya of them all... after all it did kick start the golden era! but the Sand Scorcher, Hornet, Frog, Avante, Hotshot and co might disagree?? Iol vote???



Very early edition! love it

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