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Status: New built
Date: 26-Jan-2022
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One of my favourite British Classic's

I first saw one of these Body Shell's when fellow member Jimbo added one to his showroom. I had a MK1 as my second car in my youth of which I was thinking of replicating. Being red though I felt I should try a bit harder than just one basic colour.

The first concern with acquiring one of these Bodies was the fact L&L in the UK was the source, hummmm, not sure it was going to survive the postage half way round the world to Australia. A while later they became available from an Australian seller. Great that will do nicely thank you.

It was another year before I set to work on it, I was going to sit it on a TT02R Chassis but while that was stuck in Belgium somewhere I then bought a MK2 GT kit and it's chassis was then used for the Escort.

I've been playing around with Tamiya Translucent paint so I decide to go a Dark Blue in the end as I also had some Blue Angel Eye Headlights in the spares box I was keen to use.

Once the body was fitted to the basic TT chassis set to 251mm wheelbase with Ball Bearings and Torque Tuned motor the painting could start. Well lots of masking in truth.

First was painting in the windscreen rear window rubber. With that done that's when I found out the window masks are on the small side. That actually worked in my favour as that left a near perfect margin for adding a bit of curvy tape to paint in the side windows at the end once the Black backing was applied. Not that you can see it much against the Dark Blue, but I know it's there. The supplied stickers for the window rubbers are a bit naff to be honest in my opinion so I had no intention of using them.

First 2 coats of paint was PS39 Translucent Blue, followed by a coat of PS48 Semi-Gloss Anodized Aluminium. Then backed with PS5 Black.

The masking for the PS57 Pearl White was then removed and masking added for the PS62 Pure Orange and PS5 Black stripes. Some silver was backed to the White before the Orange and black went on.

I sprayed a couple of coats of the PS48 Anodized Aluminium along the top of the windscreen as well, I think its transparency works well there. I think you could use it as an alternative to Smoke for the windows if you wanted to. Its heck of a lot easier to use then Smoke that's for sure.

Really pleased with how it turned out in the end with a few of the supplied stickers and a couple of Tamiya one' it was time to finally get out for some photo's and stretch it's leg's. Which proved it's great little runner. Thanks for looking, any comments always warmly welcome, good or bad, Cheers :)

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A masterclass in painting and masking. Absolutely stunning. Never been a huge fan of this body but you've really changed my mind on it - the colour is just perfect!
Hands down, THE best mk1 Escort and one of the best overall paint jobs I've ever seen.



Stunning work. The shells and decals from that supplier can sometimes be of suspect quality. That looks fantastic, especially in the dirt! Makes me want one!



Very nice car and awesome pics!



Mind blown mate, what an absolute cracker that is, excellent result, love it



Thanks fellas, very much appreciated. There are a few dodgy mould lines on the body so I thought this kind of paint job would disguise it best.



Gorgeous! Love the action pics!

Max Power


Nicely done, it looks fantastic!



Thank you

Basket Case


Beautiful. I'm more of a Mk11 kinda guy but you may have just convinced me that I need a Mk 1 in my life too!!



Beautiful work, and I love the action photos!






Wow, that is stunning!



Cheers, nice Avatar CAVS995 That paint job would have been a bit easier to replicate



You did a great job! with this car, your work has put this body design on the map!
wow, great photography in capturing the aggressive looks.



Thank you kindly my friend.

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