Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: NIB
Date: 7-Feb-2022
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Kyosho V-One S3 Evo Lightning McQueen

Update: 2022/02/11

Added a few pics after changing wheels and adjusting body height.

Four decal sheets later and many hours   ‚¬ ¦.it is done. The S3 Evo also has the Touch Starter system. I will break in the motor sometime and probably never drive it after or with the body. Decal application went super well on the front and on the bonnet. Rear quarter panels and door areas have some minor alignment issues and super tiny bubbles underneath (Grrrrr!). I am super picky too so it wouldn't bother most folks. Looks amazing. Not sold on the wheels which are Tamiya wheels. The wheels that come with the Evo are way too small and the offset is horrible.

Picked up from an eBay seller in Japan. Chassis was 1/3 built. I'm building the car and finishing the body as this is written. I believe this body shell is extremely rare.

I love the Cars movie series from Disney. Lots of memories watching the movies with my son when he was young (he is 13 now). What's really cool is the car is based on a real Toyota MR-S that was raced in Japan in 2008.

So far the body is one of my all time favorites. It isn't a hard body to paint (PS-2 ), but it comes with 4 sticker sheets. Yep. I said 4! And it's not like you use some or use ALL. I will post finished pics of the chassis and body in the next few days.

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Never seen this before this awesome. I did the same with my son got him tons on Cars toys even converted some large scale toys to Cars theme. Not sure how to attach pictures in reply comments.
He is 13 now as well. Can’t wait to see you finish the body.

Andy P


That looks smart & very nicely finished well done



Thanks Andy P!



Nice car, congrats



Very special car this one, especially the body. Love it! You can tell a lot of effort end time went in that decal job. Very neat!



Hi Tamiyastef. Thank you and you are correct! I want to drive it so bad but I just can’t!!



Love this Mcqueen decals!! The details are amazing!



Looks great , again attention to detail is fab! Don't suppose you do commisions for finishing bodies ?



Wow Mortm…thanks for the compliment! I have never considered that folks would pay me to finish a body. I still make mistakes like everyone else!



You do a great job and would be amazed there is actually a quite large market for body set finishing and not that many good ppl out there, L&L Models have a guy but they won't share the details ?? mine always end up plain coloured and I hate window masks.. bring back the abs bodies and window sets?? Al



This is so great, I can learn from you for sure. beautiful cars.

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