Model: (Click to see more) 58122: Blitzer Beetle
Status: Project
Date: 9-Apr-2022
Comments: 5
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Still working on that project - the Plan is to make a mean Beetle-Dragster.

Happy with the outcome so far - but not finished yet!

Very pleased with those coil-shox! Had to add extra O-Rings and took softer springs - now it's pretty sensitive and firm at the same time

But yes - agree - I build this for the look

Update: Finally managed to have the front wheels-axles changed to 'normal ones'... took me a while with but here we go!

Safety first First try with Potenzas (hard to controll) love that window-net (all my bugsys have it now) Lowered and Hoosiers Some black pianting on screws Still the old shabby hex-adapters 2 Finally could change the Knuckles! 1 Was worth the struggles! 1 Still looking for a better numberplate He's the fastest one here -but hard to handle!




That's looking very cool indeed! I love what you've done with this Blitzer so far. It would look pretty cool with a wheelie bar on the back...



Thx @BubbaGump365
Never thought about that… until now! We‘ll see - could be a cool option!



Looks great!



As Blitzers go, I think this one came the furthest from the dark side. LOVE IT!



This looks truly awesome! What are those c-hubs and knuckles you have there? They look great!

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