Model: (Click to see more) 58071: Sonic Fighter
Status: NIB
Date: 12-Apr-2022
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I don't know why but I needed to have one of these.
There normally box art (snores) and cost a fortune but this one was nice and cheap because it was the colour it is and had the rear body mounts snapped. I got it and stripped and cleaned it up and got some rear mounts. I can't stand yellow shocks so was going to fit black CVA's but then the 'Black' grasshopper came out with not black wheels and shocks.
I bought the GH2 and took of the parts of it to fit onto the fighter to blend with the original colour and for a better look and got some better front tires that may actually work on grass. The lack of Racing wheels you can fit to it without ruining the looks made me use the GH2 ones, these are to small at the rear and just about correct on the front and that's the only reason I kept the rear tires. After sorting out the looks I had a metal plate fitted to the front to keep the front end from snapping when I race it, Yes I'm going to race it on grass because that's what I do with all my cars. Fitted with the standard 1060 and silver can to start with but will probably get a 19 spec motor to race with.

I like the look of it May need a bit more power for racing 1 So much room inside 1 Driver painted by Lee Super Gripper That will stop it snapping 1




On the last pic anything will snap if you drive it hard enough the other weak spot is the body where the rear trailing arms mount

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