Model: (Click to see more) 58652: F104 PRO II w/Body
Status: NIB
Date: 10-May-2022
Comments: 4
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A NIB Tamiya is probably the last thing you'd expect in my showroom, but there you go.
This came up on eBay recently, and was advertised with a cheap price and 'This is not complete kit some parts are missing. It's buyers responsibility to check'. I looked at the low-resolution pictures, and decided it looked like a good gamble... I couldn't see the chassis plates, some of the parts bags looked like they were open, the body was missing, and who knows what else. It stayed up on eBay unloved for quite a while, before I decided to take the plunge.
Remarkably, this was delivered within a week... and from my cursory lookover so far, it appears that the only bits missing are the main lexan body, and some lexan body parts - everything else is there! The chassis plates, it seems, were hiding under some other parts... and the parts bags that looked open were actually still sealed. Makes this quite the bargain, seeing as they sell for over AUS$400.....
Now, what to do with this high-spec racer kit? Build all that blue???

The complete haul Love all these complete parts bags Not many plastics Chassis plates, wheels and tyres Lots of decals for an F1 All the body parts that made it... Look at all that blueness! Box is beat up, sadly...




Well, as the box is beaten up, I'd build it and try and source the bodyshell for it. Running it would be another matter though, with such low ground clearance, finding somewhere you can run it without scratching up the underside could be tricky.



Nice find. Get it built up and give it some laps



a very nice find and you know you must build it!



You guys and your 'build it' fantasies..... it's like you've never met me or something!

Seriously though, thanks for the comments.... much appreciated.

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