Model: (Click to see more) 58587: Neo Fighter Buggy
Status: Project
Date: 14-May-2022
Comments: 6
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'What if?' ...What if Ferrari went Baja racing in the 60's? I converted my DT-03 into a DTO #3 - Deserto Turismo Omologato. The scheme is inspired from the 330 P3/4 Le Mans car and the 250 GTO. I saw what MechanicAH did with the Super Storm Dragon body when searching for pics of the stratos to, well, do the same thing! I decided to go a different way, and the idea of a Baja Ferrari got stuck in my head. I had to search around a bit for pretty much every detail on it - the wiper is from the Tamiya Lancia 037 kit, the mirrors from Tamiya Fiat Abarth kit, and the lights from eBay. I had a heck of a time finding lights that would fit in those recesses, and look like 60's off-road lights. The mirrors are supposed to be chrome, but the chrome pen didn't do much better than a normal silver. The logo/emblem - well, if Ferrari has the prancing stallion, I think the Tamiya equivalent would be a Wheelie-ing Lunchbox! The window trim, number rounds, gas cap and badge were made with a cricut machine. There is a driver in there, but only painted a bit - I think I may not have the patience yet for doing a good driver. Anyway, this was a fun project!

1 3 Kyosho Scorpion re-release 2.2' wheels. 3 Those wheel nuts are from Dhawk Racing on ebay. 1 1 1 1 The tail lights are buttons, chromed & painted. A post from a parts sprue.


Max Power


Nice work, that looks very cool. I bought a 'Molotow' liquid chrome pen from my local hobby shop, it does a great job for small areas such as mirrors.



Haha looks epic!



That's looking really really nice! I wouldn't want to be seen near this body in boxart white but I like it in this Ferrarish livery.



This is just fantastic, so much better than box art. Simply brilliant



Great concept and excellent result. Well done



That's what i ?? and makes me want one too

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