Model: (Click to see more) 58324: VW Race-Touareg
Status: NIB
Date: 17-Jun-2022
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Well the juggernaut body was looking a lot tired after some hard running and abuse lol so took the body fro my hg-p407 (bruiser clone) which is a hilux body which is the body i originally wanted to use but an original bruiser body was far too rare and expensive had to shorten the wheelbase by 5mm from the juggernaut body , I also 3d printer a rear hinging body mount so the whole body hinges at the rear and printed a front body mount ,it fits a lot better as the body is wider than the jugg so no issues with the wheels rubbing the arches the other thing is the hg bodies can come in black which was the colour I wanted and as its a runner ideal as there's no need to paint it lol ,I've fitted a full custom lights package controlled by dumborc x6dcg reciever with my home made led light kit

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