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Date: 19-Jun-2022
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Germany just released it's MBT in 40 years , The KF-51 Panther with 130mm canon. Super advance tank that I predict Tamiya will make 1/16 R/C version soon or later, hence I made a quick (sloppy) box art of it

1 1:1 KF-51 1:1 KF-51 1:1 KF-51

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Haha l thought tamiya had released a new tank looking at pic one before l read your description!
Got me!


I wish Tamika would release some modern British tracked vehicles, they’ve released the US, Jpn, Isrl MBTs, the Challenger II would be the better choice, proven in ALL areas…the Bradley, the Warrior IFV, AAVP-7A1, would also like to see the modern wheeled military vehicles that other companies are putting out too.

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