Model: (Click to see more) 57820: Honda Ballade Sports Mugen CR-x Pro
Status: Restored
Date: 23-Jun-2022
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This is the fourth M-chassis car I've owned. I bought it from my local hobby shop as it was a trade in.

It was well used, version 1 M05 with the 1st gen Suzuki Swift body painted in silver. I drove it around for a bit as is (apart from adding bearings) and hated it in stock form. The asphalt outside my house wasn't super smooth and the back would bounce (much like a stock M03, but worse) and it would swing the tail out once it rebounded and be difficult to drive. I pulled it apart and put a bit of AW grease in the diff and it would torque steer and handle even worse, so it didn't get used.

It wasn't until I bought a M08 (to be added later) and robbed the CVA's off that (M08 got some Big bores) and added them to the M05 and removed the aw grease that it was much more fun to drive.

This now has been converted to a V2 chassis, and has a lot of hop ups including: one piece lower arms, stainless steel suspension arms, 20t hardened pinion, Lightly Tuned Motor, M-chassis Aluminium Dampers (to replace the CVA's), Aluminium steering set, Aluminium steering posts, Aluminium counter weight heatsink, Aluminium steering rod, M05 stabiliser set, DF-03 heatsinks and other stuff. Still have to acquire some other hop ups yet.

Naturally the body set was going to be the Mugen Honda CR-X, as I have had a few 1:1 Hondas. couldn't find the genuine white wheels that Tamiya issued with the car, but the silver ones are the same and I would've painted them anyway as the white would go yellow eventually.

Very happy with it so far, but plan to add a few more bits accordingly.

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You are going to be referred to as the “M chassis king” hence forth! Looking excellent as per usual.



Very nice looks great!



@kalsh, Haha I know quite a few other people with more of them than me! Thanks though.



@MAD-BEE cheers mate, much appreciated!

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