Model: (Click to see more) 58589: Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 P/Up
Status: Runner
Date: 27-Jun-2022
Comments: 7
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I got a couple of old Radio Shack kits. One is fixable but the other I just took the body from.

I decided to go with a military theme so I built a canvas back, sprayed a lot of olive drab and built a couple of custom parts like the bridge plate (front) and ID plate (back). I decided to paint the scratched chrome parts in gun metal. Really happy with this overall as my first proper play with adding custom built parts. Oh, I also used a couple of my kids lego pieces for the back lights ;)

I decided to put this on a GF01 but the track width looked too wide for the body so I narrowed using some third party arms front and back which narrowed around 20mm.

1 Radio Shack x Tamiya! 1 1 1 1 How it started ;)


Max Power


Great idea, that looks fantastic!



Thanks, it was great fun to do!



Looks great! You did a fantastic job on the tarp!



Wow I like it its always fun putting bodies that were never meant for a chassis together and making it work I just put hg bruiser clone body on a cc01 chassis I like scale look but yours looks great looks like it could've been bought that way



Remarkable execution! If that was a model in production I would buy one! Nice work



Very nice job mate.



Thanks everyone, your kind comments are really appreciated. Finding old bodies to refurb and fit on Tamiya chassis' is really enjoyable. Think I'm going to try and stretch myself more with the next one and do some styrene building. Wish me luck

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