Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Restored
Date: 3-Jul-2022
Comments: 5
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another project finished. Kyosho Spider MK2 GP chassis, GS11R engine with New Team Kyosho gold head.
Wheels are from Hpi. Tamiya Skyline R34 GTR Z-Tune body made by me with my best skills.
I started the car today and the engine seems to have revved a lot, average acceleration but it still has a good top speed.
i think the final result is pretty good.
i will add a video soon.
Thanks for looking.

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Looks fast stranding still haha! Lovely!



Awesome look! With body and also the chassis so clean. Great resto!



That's standing still... not sure what that was about lol?
Great job mate.



Love the body work! I recently saved and rebuilt a Spider Mk2 myself. Check out my showroom. I didn’t have any luck with the used GS11-R so I pulled it and dropped in a Tamiya FS12 SS. The engine was used but in great shape and made better when I rebuilt it with a new piston and sleeve. I still have not broken in the engine. I had to grab a set of the FD20 motor mounts and the GS11 R back plate and pull starter were a direct fit to the FS12 SS. I was shocked! Can’t wait to fire mine up! Nice job on this one.

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