Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: Project
Date: 8-Jul-2022
Comments: 1
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This became available recently, and I thought it would look good in my pile. Wait, did I say pile? I mean, collection.

This buggy is quite a nice specification (carbon fibre, big bore shocks, etc.), but as can be seen from the pictures, has had a hard life.. The body is dull and desperately needs a clean, the tyres are only good for the street, and the wing mount is broken on one side. Not too sure of the condition of the running gear, although everything feels okay, even if it looks like something a horse threw up.

Have sorted some replacement wheels (and tyres, hopefully), and so will rebuild this and get it running, and see what else needs doing. I'll clean up the body and wing, and add some decals to brighten them up, and the wing mount will be replaced in time. Not sure whether to throw in an 8.5, 10.5 or 13.5, but one of those brushless motors will be installed. Add LiPo power, and this should be a potent missile, even in my hands!

More pictures when it's something a lot nicer to look at!

Racer buggy Under the hood Dirty, but high spec Front end, nice shocks! Rear end with tired wing Plenty of room for my shorty LiPo... Not much use at all!




Oh wow, that has certainly had a life by the looks of it. Would love to hear it’s stories. Great pick up mate, enjoy the tinkering

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