Model: (Click to see more) 99955: FTX
Status: Runner
Date: 8-Jul-2022
Comments: 4
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Well specc'ed for the price.

After driving @hornetracer_1971's vantage brushed edition. I thought I'd add this to the collection.
2/3s capable.

UPDATE 10/07/2022
Gave it a quick test tonight
It includes updated controller, 2s lipo and charger with charging sack!
Bargain for        £177
Let's see how it holds up with longevity

1 Updated controller Included 2s lipo Lipo sack included




What another non tamiya taffer what a cheek mate!!!
Iol l am afraid l can't speak this time!
These FTX cars are crazy value for money! I have been temted many times! I was looking at the Carnage before l pulled the trigger on a Stampede!
I may still pick one up! Great value!



My budget is larger, or has been so trying stuff that I fancy, plus it's driving me nuts waiting for tamiya deliveries



These are amazing value for money, and I've been tempted for so long! Seeing your photos is now making me reach for my wallet!!...

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