Model: (Click to see more) 99950: Tamiya Static Kit.
Status: Restored
Date: 12-Jul-2022
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I've owned this built model since about 1989 when I bought it off a school mate who's dad had built it in the 70s. I was massively into Tamiya static kits as much as the r/c stuff so this Porsche was highly prized. Over the years the original tyres had rotted into a big mush so I bought a new 910 kit just for a new set of dunlops. It's pride of my collection and I recently contacted my old mate from school who now lives in Australia and I sent him a pic of it. He couldn't believe I still had it and it's condition.

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Very nice build, makes me thinking about my 934 kits to convert one of them on the ttg chassi. The 910 is a beauty scale 1/12?

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