Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: New built
Date: 14-Jul-2022
Comments: 5
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Hi guys l know this is not for everyone but picked this up for £60 l could not resist! Plus you don't see loads of these kicking around nowadays! so a mint or near mint one like this could become a classic in the future?? Iol at least a hunted model in the future? Who knows? Well anyway l am pleased to pick one up again for little money and in this condition to add to my collection. l have had one before with all the mods and l drove it till it dropped! I made it into a real beach Sand Master!I know with out mods these and the EZ series are not the best performing and are a bit dodgy for example plastic pinion in a not sealed gearbox, sloppy steering with no adjustments, friction shocks with no real travel, poor tyre grip and weak constructed wheels, clip on body panels flying off! but to be fair this EZ series is aimed at beginners and they are fun yes true, but have way too many issues in stock and l will be keeping this as just a display piece to be honest it looks a nice thing on the eye and l have many runners to pick from plus l am not willing to spend extra money on this to get it performing right! I have added a new Kyosho motor l had already, blue wheel nuts and jazzed up the driver a bit but apart from that its all stock!
I do like the very basic looks of the Sand Master its close to looking toy grade really but just gets away with it!
Comments welcome as always.
Thanks for looking in guys cheers James.

1 Kyosho Sand Master love it or hate??? 2 Very basic design and looks retro cool! 1 Not sure what this little dudes name is? 1 Added a Kyosho brand motor! 1 Just a display model as explained in my write up!! 1 It is RTR though! 1 I had one before and added loads of mods! 1 Fun in stock but so many issues!!! 1 Iol love the eyes! 1 Retro cool...nice on the eye for displaying!


Max Power


Nice buy buddy, I see these come up for sale second hand now and then down here, but they always seem to be in poor condition, it's a pity as they're a nice looking buggy.



Nice! looks like the condition is good too. I am tempted to pick up the Axxe which is still for sale occasionally, which is on the same platform and get the loveit/hateit Nexxt body for it.



Thanks guys.

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