Model: (Click to see more) 58163: Rover Mini Cooper Rally
Status: New built
Date: 21-Jul-2022
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Now that I had just bought an M08, I was on the lookout for a M07, or a M01 or M02 to add to my collection. Well I chanced upon an absolute minter from a very accommodating and stellar chap in (from memory Poole/Bournemouth area) UK.

This Mini was a part of a collection, of which the owner had unfortunately passed away. His son, an really nice chap by the name of Mike, was selling a good portion of his father's RC collection. He was nice enough to ship the Mini over to me in NZ, and it turned up about 9 days later. It is in remarkable condition, one or two light scratches on the bottom, and a pre-cut unpainted body shell which is in A1 condition. It came with all the plastics, unfortunately the decals and masks weren't there but I have acquired the masks and the body decals, just not the Monte Carlo sheet yet.

I dully stripped it down and gave it a look over. It's in tip top shape, but that didn't stop me tinkering. I got hold of a new chassis parts tree, so replaced the lightly scratched tub with a new one. I got hold of the genuine Tamiya ball bearing set, M-chassis Stabiliser set, M-Chassis Carbon shaft set, a 20t hardened fluorine pinion. A new set of wheels and tyres, new foams, the Tamiya aluminium steering upgrade, the Tamiya steering rod, Tamiya motor heatsink, Tamiya bushing set (for the arms), Tamiyas Low Friction Damper set and stainless steel shaft set, 6mm Hex Adapter set, and probably some other stuff I've forgotten, and chucked in an old TEU-101BK in place of the factory MSC.

I still haven't managed to paint the body. I don't know whether I'm nervous, or partly because I haven't acquired the Monte Carlo decals for the paint scheme.
There is still a couple more parts I would like the get for it, like the Monte Carlo decals, the red M chassis Alloys, m-chassis quick release battery holder, and the Tamiya Polycarbonate undertray for the M01, but I am very grateful to have this stellar example in my collection. Even though in my mind, it still feels like it belongs to Mike's Dad.





Very cool kit, sad to hear about Mike dad though.



Yeah I agree, MAD-BEE.

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