Model: (Click to see more) 47439: TT-02 Type-SR Chassis Kit 
Status: Runner
Date: 25-Jul-2022
Comments: 2
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My son and I started racing the Tamiya Euro Cup 2021. We both entered stock class, while I have changed to M-chassis this year.

In winter we have upgraded a lot of parts to end up with a proper racing car. My son loves form more than function (haha) and therefore he started into the 2022 season with the Mustang GT4.

Now we have half the races passed, he realized a more aerodynamic would be better. The Ford GT MK2 body fits perfect and we use new wheels with some offset on the front.

The car has performed much better and I won his first trophy.




Is that digital transition from green to gold paint or sticker? looks fantastic!



Hi slideWRX. An evening with masking tape and PS paints. Thx a lot

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