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Status: Project
Date: 15-Aug-2022
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The Acura RSX Super Street was featured in the Super Street Magazine during 2004. The car is presented in electric blue and has street tuner kit. the original graphics were removed. The undercarriage can be accented at night by blue neon lights through the flick of a switch. All of the internal electronics were removed and replaced by hobby grade receiver and steering servo. Motor was retained because it is 7.2v compatible from the factory. Tamiya type wheels and after market tires were added and bearings were added wherever possible. This car is heavy compared to 1/10th standard kits but was twitchy to handle at speeds due to short steering arms so, they (the steering arms) were actually extended to calm the steering response a bit. This acura has been tested to run at about 1500 ft. per minute, rather fast you think?

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