Model: (Click to see more) 99968: Xray
Status: Extra info
Date: 29-Aug-2022
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A factory 2WD made from a 4WD chassis. I think this first came out in 2013. I remember some guys made a 'B42' which was the rear end of a Team Associated B44 and the front end from a Team Associated B4. This is much the same concept. Awesome on high grip (and flat) tracks. I loved driving it indoors. Fast and easy to drive. Outside on medium grip & bumby astro it was a nightmare. Rain... just go home :-)

Not a big fan of the bodyshell I must admit.

29.8.2022: Sold it now to a collector as I never use it anymore.

Not my kind of shell that Looks much better with this shell




Yeah not a looker mate but great racing pedigree!

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