Model: (Click to see more) 58681: Formula E Gen2 Car
Status: New built
Date: 8-Sep-2022
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Just finish GEN2 with Mercedes' EQ decal.

- Aluminum Damper Extenders
- Center CVD, Alum. F & R CVD Set
- Alum. Rocker Arm (not used), used Eagle instead
- Hard Coated Alum. Spur Gear Adapter
- Alum. Suspension Mount set (F&R)
- Alum. Front Spool
- Alum. Bearing Steering Set
- DLC coated Shock Shaft

Eagle Racing
- Alum. Rocker Arm
- Alum. Suspension Set
- Alum Steering Crank Set W/BB
- SP 1/10 F1 Tail LED Light

MST Aluminum Damper Spring Retainer (Black)
3Racing big bore shock set
Alloy vented Disc
Dualsky RR 2-in-1 Brushless system.
WTF - wild turbo fan!

3 BLACK TC01 3 turn out good 1 had installed a middle LED 2 really cool gen 2 2 front profile is nice 2 feels like bat mobile from this angle 1 2 with reflective side mirrors 1 Mercedes what we drives 1 1 done tyre decals 1 takes about 10-20mins for 1 wheel 3 vented disc now for the other side

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