Model: (Click to see more) 58695: Wild One Off-Roader Blockhead Motors
Status: New built
Date: 16-Sep-2022
Comments: 4
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What a great buggy. admittedly I can't quite call it done as I have a hidden horror of wires to sort. Thank you BHM    . look forward to what you and Tamiya come up with next.

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Yeah Tamiya has made a lot of people happy with this release and may there be many more BHM releases in the future!
Yours is looking great mate and l bet you enjoyed the build l certainly really enjoyed building mine!
Are you going to run it? I I have put mine on shelf duties in my front room and I'm going to pick up another one to use as a runner! I think when these are gone that's the last time we will see them? I could be wrong? Any reason you chose 71 as your number? Year you were born maybe???



@MAD-BEE thanks man. Great idea to pick up another and I’m thinking on the same now it’s built. This one will be a runner and I have to say I really like the buggy. (It’s my first Wild One). And yeh I was born in ‘71 hence the numbers. Also my Instagram is nhrc71. I’ve seen quite a few posts of their BHM custom Holiday Buggy which I think would be a great release so fingers crossed.



Wow, that is sweet!



I really love this kit, and it looks great. Mine has spent most of it's time sat on a shelf, but I just picked up another to run before they sell out. I also love the Holiday Buggy they customised too. I'm sure we'll see more collaborations between BHM and Tamiya in the future, based on how successful this Wild One release has been.

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