Model: (Click to see more) 58470: Holiday Buggy 2010
Status: Project
Date: 20-Sep-2022
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my first real buggy was a used Sand Scorcher, got it from my uncle. I loved the VW Body and didn't like the Rough Rider, I couldn't know what to do with these for me strange looking bugs . I lived in the Netherlands, at weekend we often went to Valkenswaard to the euro circuit watching rally cross. The VW Beetle was a common car next to its competitors- I loved the sound of high revving boxer engines and how these rwd cars where cornering on the track. If you wanted 4wd, you had to get an off-road car- Jeep, MB G klasse or Range Rover..... The SRB Beetle was by far my fav RC. Now I love these classic Buggies of the eighties and earlier, and of course the Rough Rider in all its glory. Sometimes things chance when you get older. One of my biggest wishes is a new Beetle and Rough Rider on a dt chassis, thanks to TGB we have the chance to compare modern buggy chassis and Shells we loved in the past.
My dt02 was a kind of Ultima but I wanted a Rough Rider for every day, on a common chassis. My every day Sand Scorcher is my Blitzer Beetle, its a very chassis and nice driving also. The Rough Rider Shell has to be painted, I guess it will be black or red and the Decals like Boxart. The Wheels where from my Manta Ray, for the front Wheels I got these Adapters to fit on the dt02 axles. The adapters have Ballbearings but the Wheels have a Offset that they touch the Uprights sometimes, maybe I take other Wheels because of that.

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Very nice look to this combination! I have really grown to like the DT-02 chassis and have always been a fan of the Sand Scorcher and Rough Rider. I think you'll have quite a capable and awesome looking ride when complete.

Max Power


That'll be great once it's painted up. Are you planning on installing a driver figure?

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