Model: (Click to see more) 58097: Super Astute
Status: New built
Date: 22-Sep-2022
Comments: 6
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The original was released in 1991. This re-release has certainly made it better, more durable to accept brushless motors and LiPo batteries. I enjoyed building the Super Astute, it's an easy old school build, very Tamiya with lots of heavy metal bushings in the suspension. Similar in layout to a modern rear motor buggy, being simple yet complicated at the same time. Luv it!!!

The pictures below are from a tribute video I made. You can find the full video link in the movies section of my profile. Or copy & paste this link to your browser:

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Hi it's beautiful!
The pink wheels are dyed?



Thanks. The wheels are 2.2inch versions from JC Racing and come in a few colours. Link below for their webpage:
[Click here]

Max Power


This is absolutely gorgeous, and those wheels look fantastic.



yes love the wheels, looks very nice in box art - are the wheels 2.2size?



The car looks fantastic, and beautifully built. Those JC Racing wheels work really well with the decal colours. nice video too.



Thanks guys. Yeap the wheels are 2-2 size. Hope you checked out & enjoyed the video too.

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