Model: (Click to see more) 58696: Super Avante
Status: Runner
Date: 23-Sep-2022
Comments: 6
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My son wanted me to do a custom build with a 'street' theme so I decided to use my Super Avante as the base car, bought a Revive RC body shell which is beautifully styled compared to the original, and painted it black with a dark smoked window. I fabricated a chassis skid plate out of carbon fibre, and added a couple of Vans stickers. I fabricated a pair of custom wing end plates, and then raided my left over decals to finish it off. The main body ones are from the Black Avante (don't worry they're MCI and not originals!). Thanks for looking guys. It's certainly different to the original!

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Very nice Phil looks really cool! Kinda reminded me of the Ninja with the Black and red!
You have certainly stepped away from the original in a good way!



Looks awesome! So much better than the standard body.



Thank you guys. Although I think I'm one of the few that does like the box art, I have to agree that the Revive RC body is way better!



Just about to put my TD4 back together, when I came across this. I had cracked the original body so I have just ordered the Revive one. Going to do it in BRG. Love your undertray. Very formula 1. Thanks for the body idea



That looks really cool. I’ve bagsied a revive rc body too for the build when I get to it. Ace.



Thanks all for your kind comments. You won't be disappointed with the Revive RC body chaps!

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