Model: (Click to see more) 58452: Sand Scorcher
Status: Runner
Date: 30-Oct-2022
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A Street version has long been something I've wanted to do having seen many fine examples on here.

I played around with an M05 and M06 as a possible chassis using 1/10 touring car wheels, but just wasn't working for me.
Then I decided to try my spare SS body on my TA02SW (Porsche) chassis. Things started to get interesting then, after fabricating a front body mount I was then convinced this was the route to the look I was after. With that a TA02 Calibra was ordered as a donor from Tamico along with a few other bits and piece's to covert the kit chassis to SW.
I miss read the Porsche manual I had and ordered the front swing arms by mistake instead of the 2x D parts trees to get the right rear swing arms needed for the conversion.
I also got the rear Uni Drive Shafts part No. from the manual and Googling them apparently are the same as used on an XV01. Not sure if they are as the hole for the drive pin ended up with a 4mm gap between it and the upright bearing. This actually worked in my favour as a 850 (I think it was) metal bushing filled the space perfectly and gave an even wider track to the back wheels which was a bonus :)
The fake engine in the back was an ebay purchase from a seller in Greece. It was originally intended for my other SS but I just wasn't feeling it for that one, I think it suits this much better.
The front and rear body mounts where made out of various bits and bobs of aluminium I had laying around, plus an SRB rear roll bar so the body was still compatible with a normal SRB Chassis.
Other than that the chassis is fairly stock other than bearings throughout and a Torque Tuned motor powered by 2s LiPo via a Hobbywing 1080 ESC. I've only had a quick test run but I'm already taken with the ESC, drag braking a brushed motor? yes please. Looking forward to trialling further settings with the included program box.
This bodyshell has seen a few different chassis's under it but I think this is my favourite for it so far.
I have called this Street Scorcher #1 as I'm currently working on another SS body for shelf duties on this chassis while my old faithful orange and white one seen here is the runner for it adding to its much loved patina and story.

Thanks for looking in :)

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Looks fantastic mate love the colour and wheels just epic looking bug l bet it looks awesome on the move too!



That is so cool! I love it, and can really appreciate all of the time and hard work you've put into creating it.



Alchemist Gifts is a real artist. You did a very nice job with this. Looks like a classic street rod with the SS body on the TA02.



Thanks very much for the kind words. I really enjoyed this one.

Max Power


Oh so nice, and you've chosen a perfect colour combo!



Nice work. Love the stance. The graffiti pic is cool.



Great result mate, match made in heaven, need Tamiya to take note of this beauty. This is a concept that I love creating myself, a street version of an existing body. I’ve done similar with a Brat and Lancia Delta Integrale



Thanks again fellas
I know what you mean mtbkym01, it’s a lot of fun mixing and and matching. There are some fantastic Street/F1 inspired buggies out there to using Javelin’s, Hotshot’s etc just no end of possibilities.

Old Tamiya


Love the look of this Bug! The exhaust is really cool. Excellent job

Basket Case


Fabulous. Love it!



And here's another absolute stunner!! Congrats mate, beautifully done



I missed this until now. You totally nailed it and this looks perfect I reckon. What a great addition to an already amazing collection.



To kind Fellas, to kind

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