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Status: Project
Date: 5-Nov-2022
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Added another short course truck project to the pile.

Team ASSociated SC10. This one is in mostly fair to good condition, although it needs disassembly and going over to tune it up a bit. Smattering of blue parts through the chassis. So far I've found it's missing a dog bone and a gear cover. Will need rear tyres as well, and probably some screws here and there. Turnbuckles are a little tarnished / rusty, but it's a short course truck, so that doesn't really matter.

This is actually my third truck project; after the XXX-SCT, I also procured my nephew's SC10 (which I originally put together for him) to rebuild, so they're all waiting for me to get around to them. Maybe next year, when I've knocked my studies on the head.

1 Function, not form... 1 Black is a popular SC colour. 2 Open-plan chassis Could use a clean Bit of blue in the front end 1 Rear end is pure SC 1 Not too badly pounded

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