Model: (Click to see more) 99981: Traxxas
Status: Restored
Date: 8-Nov-2022
Comments: 4
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Just completed renovating this Traxxas Bullet. Was lucky enough to get a vintage MSC and new (old) rear tyres. This is one of very few cars I haven't painted in box art colours, as the white shell true boxart paint scheme doesn't look great in my view, and you have to paint white plastic parts black too. That said, another TCM 'Max Power' has done an awesome job using white and different colour decals, so you can very much make the white shell work if you have the right imagination. I used Tamiya Metallic Orange backed with gold in the end, for that early 80's (70s) look. Traxxas was trying to make an RC10 killer with this car, but didn't quite make the grade. The Bullet has the same front and rear end as the Traxxas Radicator.

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Absolutely beautiful buddy, it really benifits from the nice paint job you've done. I'm super jealous of those tyres and msc. I've just had a look at your lovely Radicator, I'll have to get my act together and restore mine.



Thanks Max, if I has seen yours earlier, I may have copied your paint job ! and yes, I think I may have found the last tyres on earth ? MSC's do come up, but not often. I just got lucky.



Beautiful looking buggy love the colour you nailed that! MP has some great skills don't he!
But mate your right up there! Nice job indeed!
What a unusual unique buggy the Bullet is and definitely soaked a little in RC10!



Another lovely bullet, great job

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