Model: (Click to see more) 99977: 3Racing
Status: Project
Date: 14-Nov-2022
Comments: 1
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Yet another new project. This time, it's another Tamiya TT01, this one with a carbon fibre 3Racing chassis upgrade, as well as many other upgrades.
Carbon fibre parts include top and bottom chassis, bumper hold-down, and also rear tower stiffener.
Extra upgrades include alloy prop shaft, alloy heatsink motor mount, oil shocks, rear universals, rear locked diff, and red alloy rear end (upper and lower arms and hubs).
Car has a little bit of damage in the front end, including a missing dog bone and a few other parts, but nothing too difficult to fix. Definitely runner condition, but still quite nice overall, and should make a nice project - with my other 3Racing carbon TT01, Hopefully I can get them both fixed and working in the next few months.

1 Nice TT01 drift / race chassis Look at that blingy motor mount! Rear end, with red bits. Nice carbon, and has the battery holder intact. Front end - needs a bumper. Not too badly worn. 1 Rear end with all that itchy redness. Just a little bit of damage... 1 Next to my other CF chassis... They don't really look much like a TT01!




Let's play a game of spot the Tamiya part.

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