Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Project
Date: 19-Nov-2022
Comments: 2
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With winter here now I realize I haven't built an R/C project since late last year- too busy lately with so many other things - too much to list! But I need to clear off the bench and get to work again- I'm thinking of combining a lowered vintage Optima chassis with a vintage1/10th scale Bolink Ferrari F40 body, which is much wider than a modern touring car chassis. Very similar in width to an original 'Scale Series' Kyosho F40 body- which are impossible to find now.

I was able to source some original, new condition Kyosho 'Scale Series' F40 wheels and tires from eBay last spring. (extremely hard to find) Planning to add details to the Bolink body to bring it to life. It fits the Optima chassis really well! Should be a fun one. Cheers all, scollins





Yeah will look great, l need a few more projects this winter l think l definitely haven't got enough lined up at the moment!



A cool project, I had a lot of fun with my F40 nitro kyosho project ( [Click here] & video: [Click here] ), and what a great look the F40 has, you sure will enjoy it

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