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Status: Runner
Date: 7-Dec-2022
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Actually built this a few months back and never posted. This chassis came up for sale in one of the FB Monster Truck Groups for a price I couldnt pass up, it was basically free. If course it ended up costing me a lot more to build the truck, but always looking for an excuse to build more, right?

This is an original CPE Barbarian which is pretty undesireable these days since there are no link mounting provisions for shocks, but I thought I could build a cool truck with it anyway. It's basically an early 90s Penda-era truck which is my all time favorite for the monsters.

Pretty basic build; Axial AR60 axles with universals and HD gear sets, 5700kv brushless system, KYX 90mm shocks with 20wt fluid, CPE Sway Bars , Homemade 4-Link bars, and that's pretty much it. Did a lot of detailing on the truck including a powder coated gloss black chassis, gold painted links and sway bar arms to match the planetary caps, and 3D printed headers.

Have had the truck out to a few races already and its done really well, holding its own and winning against much newer equipment. After some tuning the truck is working really well and I like it a lot more than I thought I would. Originally I just wanted a cool looking truck that I could race here and there, but its become a really good truck indoors on carpet. Probably won't race it outdoor much as its pretty light and prefer the weight of LMTs in dirt, but a good truck nonetheless. Keeping it indoors means it will stay clean which is nice.

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Another bad ass Monster mate! Tyres are really something too!



Yes, the tires on this one are very cool looking. Unfortunately they don't seem to work as well as I thought they would on carpet. Maybe have to swap them out for something a bit more usable.

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