Model: (Click to see more) 58452: Sand Scorcher
Status: New built
Date: 9-Jan-2023
Comments: 13
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I always wanted a SRB (Special Racing Buggy - Sand Scorcher, Rough Rider, Ford Ranger) ever since I was a kid. I think in Norway this is historically THE most famous RC car. We just call it 'bobla' (the beetle).

My first RC was a Tamiya Holiday Buggy, which I loved soooo much. These SRBs were sooooo cool! But the price was way too high for me back then. I only knew one kid in the neighborhood who had one. Since I loved (and was good at it?) building RC cars a lot of other bodys came to me and asked me to build their cars. Which I gladly did for free of course! This kid in the neighborhood did build most of it himself, but I was called over to have a look and assist a little bit. I don't ever recall him driving it though. A close friend had the Ford Ranger - I remember the front suspension just fell apart when he drove over some uneven ice and snow :-)

As a grown up with $$$ I could finally afford one. But I found an original SS too steep going used for at least 1.000 USD.

So then Tamiya rere'd them, I just had to grab a SS and a RR. Plus an extra body kit for both in case I messed up. I bought these back in 2009 and 2010, and I've saved the build until now. Vintage RC cars are like wine - they get even better with time. It's been a stressful autumn with putting our house up for sale, so it was a saviour to be able to sit down and build this - blocking out anything else :-)

The build did not disappoint! Even today it's a bit mind blowing and such a joy to build! And when I think back to the early 80s and my Holiday Buggy - what did it feel like then? Very very cool! However I can't say the the suspension/dampening works very well :-) I can totally see why they were modified to death by CRP and RCH and so on.

I must say that even if the SS is a cooler car the RR is for most people a better kit. The painting of the SS body is just way too difficult for most people. Whilst the RR is just one color and that's it. I dare to call myself a good RC airbrusher. But the SS body was a PITA (very rewarding when finished of course). And even if I spent a LOT of time on masking and painting - as carefully as I could - the result was still not OK in my book. So I had to do some fixing afterwards with a fine brush. I should have used liquid mask I guess, I prefer that also when painting lexan bodies.

The Ford Ranger never really fit in the gang IMHO. Rather the Super Champ does, so I got that many years ago (original) for a good price (see my showroom).

OK, this is the build:
Standard paint with rere decals. I do consider buying the original set from MCI though...
Aluminum Front Bumper Guard from RC channel.
I painted the rear guard in silver to better match the rest.
Chromed wheels. I think there rears were an original Tamiya part. I thought I had front also but no, so I just spray painted them with chrome paint.
Hand made metal motor and exhaust from Mark Brown / ebay US (bought back when I bought the kits). These were the best to be found IMO.

Thanks for looking and comments are always welcome! :-)

5 6 3 5 5 3 3 Trinity 4 Let's go! 2 Boxart front bumper 2 Shocks look the part 3 The easy part 2 3 3 Tamiya putty 3 Sanding 3 Not perfect >> again... 2 3 Noooo... 3 Touch up 3 Homage to oOple / Jimmy

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Tamiya ReRe Rough Rider (Buggy Champ 2009)




Again a great job!
Being inspired to try the chrome paint from Biltema...



Looking stunning mate especially with the engine and boxart front bumper! Great job! I have never done a boxart Scorcher bodyshell before and probably never will as looks way above my skill lvl these days! Really nice mate you must be well happy with this! I think everyone needs a Sand Scorcher in their collection its a must have! Such a iconic, classic, classy rc period!



Turned out great, the body for these is definitely a challenge for sure. I think these are still the best box art release, just so iconic, great result



@Scanox: Thank you! The chrome spray is not like 'real' chrome, but a bit more shiny than silver.

@MAD-BEE: Thx mate! Yeah it's a must have, but again - I think most people would appreciate the Rough Rider paint job more.

@mtbkym01: Thank you! Yes those boxes! I'd love one day to have my own 'wall of boxes'



Yeah if folk can stretch to it pick up the XB version and job done haha but then you miss out on the build and that's an SRB crime. But yeah the other SRBs are much less of daunting prospect unless obviously going none boxart and the Scorcher looks awesome in just about any paint job or excellent in a weathered state too! Looking forward to your Champ/fighting buggy next mate! Right reality check it's 7:55 a.m. and I got to get to work!



Yeah a real sin indeed not to build one of these! As to the paintjob for this one (for me) it just has to be box art painted. I'm not a big fan of alternate paintjobs on these ones. But weathered yes - so cool!

I already have the Super Champ here mate:
[Click here]



Looks fantastic! I did a weathered (rusting!) paint job on mine plus another one in red and black. I didn't think I could do boxart but then got close to it in the red/black. Who doesn't love an SRB! They're great!



Great job on this. I use the same touch up technique... Only way to do spot spray lacquer corrections. Beautiful car.



Thx GoFast!



That’s as fantastic in the snow as they look on the beach, I never get tired of seeing SS’s. And a gorgeous motor out back too, love it



Thx Re-Bugged! Not much sand here this time of year



Hey great to see it on here fella - looks great. Feel your pain with the boxart as I have tried and failed several times and agree the RR a much easier challenge. Have a look at mine in my showroom.

Engine - well very rare nowerdays and a super piece. As I told you on FB this was made but a guy in US and his work was really sought after - well before the re-release. I never owned his engine but had other stuff from him. Sadly he gave up making this stuff.

Keep them coming and great to see a scorcher in its prime

Mark B



Thx a lot Mark! Checked out your showroom - good taste and mint cars!

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