Model: (Click to see more) 44041: TG10-Mk.1 Chassis Kit Long Suspension Version w/FS-12SW
Status: Restored
Date: 20-Jan-2023
Comments: 13
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While building all the Group B rally cars and restoring the vintage TG10's over time.. I ended up with parts for a tarmac car. While I am continuing with the rally cars. I decided to build and chose this Audi 90 imsa for the tarmac. The body shell is made in Italy I believe. It needed quite a bit of work but enjoyed every minute of it. I want to thank 'JJ Customs' here in California for sending the shell.

I made a custom Mr. Bunz doll for in the rear window. :) A great laugh that was provided by the team when it would pass an 8 cylinder.

What a great history in the 5 cylinder line up. Maybe a Pikes Peak Audi S1 E2 next?..

The chassis was fully restored , and it is such a different drive then the rally's. ( still learning a lot). The two speed transmission and tune is set, And I enjoy the drives during lunch hours very much.

Hope you enjoy.

Thank you.

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Iol love the Mr. Bunz moonie in the back window!
Mate what another absolute cracker you have done! Beautiful details again and have to say great photography very clear and detailed! Awesome!



Thank you MAD_BEE Means a lot!
Haha yes Mr. Bunz is having a blast I can tell you.

I am still learning after a 25 year break.. So guys like yourself are an inspiration.

have a great weekend!



Another great build, and fantastic scale details again. Would love to see a Pikes Peak car! I drove up to the summit once (vacation, not the hill climb!).



Amazing attention to detail... Love it.

Where did you get Mr Buns from?



Phenomenal is all I can say…Phenomenal. You build a killer shell and make the TG10 look so sexy. FYI….those TM-2 pipes are as rare as unicorns. As i’m sure you know!



Crazy perfect again Arjen! How did you create those wheel vents? Mr. Bunz is the icing on the cage! It totally reflects the Audi guys fun to fight against the V8 Armada with the 'small' engine and only 5 cylinders!



AutoBahn: That means a lot coming from you.. Your builds are exceptional.
Yes I became aware of that! it's a great little pipe. And it didn't look used when i got it with the chassis. I am happy it has a home now on this car

ruebiracer: These are the wheels I used, they comes with discs: Fifteen52 TURBOMAC Wheels WHITE (26MM/2PCS) #114637

Yes! Mr. Bunz could not be missing on this build! haha



What a stunner! That doll made me laugh just by thinking how the Americans in theri V8's must have felt when that small 5 cilinder past them. Another great build!



Just brilliant! That looks so good!!






WOW! That's all of your models saved in my favourites! You've really nailed this!


Hello love your work i have same body home but i dont no what autentic color must use to paint body to finish in Audi sport color.

Can you tell me how you make it? thx Peter



What a beast!

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