Model: (Click to see more) 99972: Tyco
Status: NIB
Date: 5-Feb-2023
Comments: 2
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Some 90s nostalgia.
Not sure if there is any interest in this sort of thing here, but here are some of the cars that I had back in the day and got me into RC.

The Tyco Hi Jacker and the red Riko / Taiyo Jet Hopper 2 are probably the two that are most interesting. Both from 96/97 or so. You don't see many of either complete in box (particularly the Hi Jacker) so hopefully at least moderately interesting for some on here.

Would love to create a hobby grade Jet Hopper 2 sometime, based on a Javelin with a red frame or something. Can anyone suggest a better base vehicle?

A tenuous Tamiya connection is that Riko was the UK importer of Tamiya. The Jet Hopper was bought in Beatties for any UK folk who remember those shops!

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Max Power


They look great!


I had a Jet Hopper 2 back in the time. Was my first RC car, and I still feel like a child any time I see one... It's just perfect.

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