Model: (Click to see more) 58669: M08 Chassis Kit
Status: Runner
Date: 8-Feb-2023
Comments: 5
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This is my little RWD M-chassis baby, finally finished my Karmann body end of last year, and already run my first carpet race with it. Took 3rd place without really having real test time, so happy. So before the next race, I decided to take some pics, as long as the body is still fully complete!
I wanted some oldschool looks, when the other guys run tribal decor shopping carts these days. So I tried to replicate a little bit of the Carrera Panamericana / Mille Miglia spirit with this one, but also blending in some RC sponsor stickers. Paint is a mix of Tamiya spray cans (corsa grey, and roof white and black). Mexico stripes, Chrome grills and headlight frames are Alclad 2 'Chrome for Lexan'.
Chassis extras are aluminum steering bridge and rear wishbone mounts. Also added the stabilizer set.

4 One of Tamiyas best body sets in my eyes. 1 Paint process 1 nearly finished. 3 Beware of M08 R underneath! 2 Mean front, will add some indicators later. 1 beautiful back end. 1 Tamiya club, what else? 3 M08 R goodness. 2 stabi added front and rear.

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M08 R




Place on the podium mate! Lovely looking car and a neat looking bit of kit under the lid too! Love it!



This looks way better than the usual bodies used in competition, very nice!



Thank you guys for your nice comments! Glad I´m not the only one liking the oldschool theme!



That looks ace!!! A wolf in sheep’s clothing on the race track, love it.



Thank you Re-bugged, it´s probably really a sleeper. seasons opening race yesterday was fun, if you want to have a look check this link: [Click here]

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