Model: (Click to see more) 99930: Tamiya 1/10th Models 44001-44029
Status: New built
Date: 14-Feb-2023
Comments: 5
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This was my Fathers Ghia that he never got around to building. We had discussed & decided on colours & wheels but it had been sitting NIB since it was released by Tamiya. I converted it to RHD, so the servo had to go on the left of the chassis, side mirror has been cut & shut, Sand Scorcher windscreen wipers as there is nothing else that comes close to scale & HPI porsche wheels, it had to have these. Custom plates finish it off nicely as well as LED lighting.

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Nice VW's



Beautiful work sir!



Awesome man!



Straight into my favs! Legendary Jak Rizzo is back! What a beauty, nice color choice! Now we need all details of the bunch! I´d like to see how you built the trailer, the chassis under the Ghia, which I guess is an M02? And the trailer hook on the Bulli! LoL! You see I need a trailer like you for my Race Ghia and my Beetle. Awesome work again, stunning trio! Your dad had a great eye for the Ghia!



You clearly have the bug Nice collection of classics, epic to see the three of them together.

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